Faithful to its policy of diversification and extension of these activities, Nourkahn LLC is embarking on two new projects, which will give a new dimension to the Group.

Mineral Water Project

We founded a company of mineral water bottling under Guerioune label. In order to offer our customers products with international standards, with an important production capacity;

We will import a German brand production line (KRONES), the ultimate in the mineral industry (The multinational Coca-Cola is equipped with these same machines)..

The production line endowed with a bottling capacity of 17600 bottles per hour. As for the commissioning of this new unit, it is scheduled for September 2018.

Amusement Park

For this ambitious project, our choice fell on the New Town of Constantine "Nouvelle Ville", an agglomeration which counts more than three hundred thousand inhabitants, for a total of one million inhabitants on all the wilaya. This choice has self-imposed, given the geographic situation enjoyed by the metropolis on one side, and the total lack of recreation infrastructure in the region.

Our goal is twofold, to offer families a place of relaxation and leisure, and especially gather the energy of our youth that severely lacks places that would allow them to express themselves. Our amusement park will extend over an area of more than 80,000 m², dedicated almost entirely to the world of leisure and relaxation. In addition to traditional attractions we will offer our guests discovery areas, as well as obstacle courses, to combine sport and relaxation.

In addition to traditional attractions we are going to offer our guests discovery areas, as well as obstacle courses, to combine sport and relaxation. We are going to endow our park with all the ancillary infrastructures to allow our visitors to spend a pleasant moment with us (a movie theater, a shopping center, restaurants, snacks, creperies ... Etc.)

AIn order to allow families to spend a pleasant moment in peace, we have provided a baby space reserved for the care of young children. In addition, we will build the first Aqua Park in Constantine, an aquatic center that will delight the children of the Wilaya, as well as those of neighboring wilayas. As for the study of the project in question, we entrusted it to the French research office HTR based in the suburbs of Algiers, in Oueld Fayet. Regarding the realization, it was entrusted to our company, Marssham LLC.

International Clinic

The economic landscape in Algeria is in full reconstruction, and current conditions are really conducive to investment. Our Group is part of this dynamic, and decided to invest in a sector that is sorely lacking appropriate structures. It is about the health sector, our group intends to invest this strategic and neuralgic sector by launching an international clinic. Several specialties will be offered on site: plastic surgery, cardiovascular surgery, as well as hemodialysis. /p>

This clinic will be built at the pole level of New Town ''Nouvelle Ville'' near the new pediatric hospital; it will spread over a total area of 8,400 m2.

Smartphones Fabrication

Our Group has decided to embark on an ambitious project, In this case, the construction of a manufacturing unit, smartphones mounting as well as accessories. The launch of this new unit is scheduled for May 2018. With regard to the establishment of the plant, With regard to the establishment of the factory, we opted for the city of Zouaghi, an area located near the East-West highway and Constantine airport as well.

The project will extend over an overall area of 1400 m2, and it is divided into two parts, a hard part for manufacturing and mounting, located at the lower levels of the factory, and a soft part for all that is programming, accessories, and applications which is located on the upper floors, especially as the factory has a showroom space and different services for customers located on the ground floor.

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