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Real Estate Promotion:

In Algeria, the issue of housing poses political, economic and social-cultural issues. Ending the housing crisis is considered a major priority by the government. The state is committed to open in recent years countless building sites. Eager to participate in the construction of the country, we created the BENAZZOUZ Real Estate Promotion LLC.

BENAZZOUZ Real Estate Promotion LLC with a social capital of two billion Algerian dinars, was created in June 2015, although it was only really operational at the end of 2017, with an initial vocation of real estate developer, which has seen its activity expanded to that of a company of realization. We intend to become a major player in the field, and this through the development and control of real estate promotion and development activities; for that, we rely on a network of professionals in the field of study and engineering (companies of the same group LLC RYM DAR, Marssham, Kadri & CO LLC, and the French design office HTR based in the suburbs of Algiers, Oueld Fayet).

With a workforce of 50 people at the start of the company, we managed to realize our first ambitious project; the latter consists of the 210 Promotional Housings realisation, endowed with modern architecture, at the level of Constantine's New Town "Nouvelle Ville".

Finally, our company is in the wake of corporate citizens, who seek to solve the major problem of Algerians namely: promotional high standing housing.

Nourkhan, a Reliable Partner

Social Capital

10 Million Dollars


More than 124 Collaborators


A Fleet of 82 Vehicles


More than 5000 M2 of storage space

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Wishing to participate in the growth of the national economy, Nourkhan LLC has positioned itself in several strategic sectors with strong growth potential in the medium and long term; Accompanied in this process by foreign partners wishing to develop their activities in Algeria and on the African continent.